The Bible tells us God’s heart is for all people, from every nation. Kairos Course unpacks this in the light of scripture, history and what God is doing today. It will help you explore how you can reflect God’s heart for the nations in your situation. We all have a part to play in God’s global mission – Kairos can help you discover yours, whether that be at home in the UK or overseas.

Run within a church context as part of a discipleship programme, Kairos

  • Brings understanding that the Great Commission defines the church’s existence
  • Builds a vision for an inclusive and unified church
  • Mobilises church members to start right where they are, sharing Jesus with all who are not yet Christians
  • Matures God’s people as they find their place in God’s kingdom plan.

Internationally known and well-established, Kairos works for both individuals and for churches. It also offers solid preparation for short-term mission trips.

What’s involved?

This ten-session course can be run in different formats, depending on your availability and needs. It is designed to suit a variety of learning styles. It includes articles and DVDs, prayer, group discussion and time for personal reflection, as trained facilitators lead you through the material.

Kairos is less of a course and more of a personal journey to discover how God is leading you to share his love with all peoples.

God’s heart – your heart … Come find out more.

“Kairos is relevant to the UK at the moment, with so many different nations living here.”

“Kairos changed my whole thinking, transformed my understanding of mission.”

Kairos Courses 2024
The next course will start in the Autumn.
It will be run in a hybrid format with mosts sessions online
combined with a day in-person for the cultural activities.

To register your interest please write to us at