Crossing Cultures is one step in a journey that can lead, with prayer and trust in God, to people from diverse ethnic backgrounds encountering the love of Jesus Christ. This practical experience amongst diverse communities in your area includes interactive training, meeting people from other cultures, and debriefing.


  • Engagement with other cultures: To provide a local cross-cultural experience for participants by equipping them with skills to communicate with people who are different from them and to learn more about their culture.
  • Equipping for on-going relationships and ministry: To provide tools to help Christians take steps to overcome cross-cultural barriers and build cross-cultural relationships in the course of daily life.

Format and Content

  • The cultural evening launches the encounter, giving time for participants to get to know each other, as well as being introduced to a member of the local ethnic community.
  • The interactive workshop sessions explore what the Bible says about diversity and God’s love for all cultures. It also equips participants with practical tools on how to start conversations and ask the right questions in order to build cross-cultural relationships.
  • The practical field exercise, out in the community, gives the opportunity to put learning into practice.
  • Debriefing helps participants process what they have learned and experienced, and how they can apply it in their daily lives.

“You leave realising how easy it is to overcome the barriers you have and the ones you think other people have as well.”

Course Dates

Course dates coming soon!